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Secure passive income with superior returns when
you put Big Data to work for you. Take advantage of
our insured purchase and lease program today.

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In today’s rapidly changing financial landscape, we
believe it’s more important than ever to protect your
principal and avoid market volatility.

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Next Level

Our ecosystem provides access to opportunities for our customers that are typically
reserved for institutions. We believe that makes us different. By working closely with
our investors, we make their money work harder and help them go further.
Seeking to avoid market volatility? You're in the right place.

Utilizing Alternative Investment Strategies
as a Means to Secure Financial Futures for All

Accredited Investors

Since our inception in 2013, our small network of accredited investors have funded companies in their start-up stages that have seen immense growth.
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All Investors

We are sellers and administrators of cutting-edge data processing equipment that allows individual investors from all walks of life to monetize Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
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Prospective Partners

Once you see your money work with us, you're a part of our ecosystem - with access to exclusive deals through our deep network of strategic partners.
A Look at Our Ecosystem

WealthColony Featured on Newsmax TV's Liquid Lunch

A long retirement, inflation, market volatility and calculated withdrawals from savings are just a few of the things we need to consider when strategizing a retirement plan. Watch as company founder Joe Hagan weighs in on the retirement gap and different strategies for diversification of income.
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We measure our success not only in numbers, but
by the value that our clients ascribe to our services.

Watching some of our early movers in the Fintech space materialize over the last few years has been exciting, but the best is yet to come!

Tom T. | MO

I was cautiously optimistic about crypto-mining LTC with WC in 2014, but after seeing the cyber currency volatility skyrocket over the years, I understood the opportunity and the importance of taking decisive action as an early adopter.

Michael B. | NJ

I tested out a few data mining cards early and after seeing initial results, I quickly decided to purchase more in my self-directed IRA.

Johnny G. | TX

Alternative Investing is Backed by Real Assets

  • Minimal Correlation to Market Performance
  • Primarily Concerned with Inefficient Markets
  • Strategic Tool to Close Retirement Gap


Alternative Asset Market 2020 ↑ 60% since 2018 (PWC)


Avg Annual Return S&P 500 Index (Investopedia)


Alternative Asset Allocation of Portfolio (Forbes)


Annual Interest Rate on Savings Acct. (Barclays)


Avg Ann. Return of Diversified Portfolio in Stock Market (Investopedia)


Approximate Rate on Treasury Bond (Investopedia)

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