Brad Benson

Super Bowl Champion | Award-Winning Salesman | Retirement Advocate

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The New York Times: Local Businesses See Benefit From the Game That Can't Be Named

Brad Benson, former NFL offensive lineman, made sport of the league’s policy by bleeping over his narration each time he said “Super Bowl."

Entrepreneur: Nine NFL Stars Turned Entrepreneurs

After a football fame, entrepreneurship beckons some gridiron vets. Here, a look at notable players including NY Giants Brad Benson now calling their own shots.

NBC News: Florida Pastor Wins Car From Brad Benson Radio Ad

"We don't have your typical car commercial..." Car Dealer Brad Benson donates 2011 Hyundai Accent, keeping to his word after quirky radio ad.

Fox Business: Former Player Speaks About Penn State Football Scandal

Former Penn State football player and NY Giants Super Bowl champion Brad Benson from Benson Hyundai in NJ speaks out.