Brad Benson

Super Bowl Champion | Award-Winning Salesman | Retirement Advocate

Leading the Charge

As left tackle and anchor of the NY Giants offensive line, my greatest achievement was a team victory in Super Bowl XXI when I famously carried Hall of Fame Coach Bill Parcells on my shoulders off the field in celebration.

Brad Benson Auto Group took a fledgling car dealership and transformed it into the #1 of its kind in the world after my NFL career. Another team effort and victory in an aggressive and competitive environment.

Today, I am one of 10,000 Americans turning 5 everyday; aka “baby boomers”. I don’t worry about protecting my quarterback or selling cars anymore. Like most “boomers” I worry about outliving my retirement money. It’s the #1 fear of my generation.

I joined the WealthColony team because of a dynamic program with a strategy that has my money work smarter and last longer. Every generation can appreciate that. Especially with todays market volatility. Email brad@wealthcolony.com and request a brochure to learn more and see if this opportunity is right for you.

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