Monetize Big Data With a Approach

1. Purchase Asset

Scope of work detailed, no markups or management fees - hardware gets upgraded with custom firmware and proprietary software.

2. Leaseback Agreement

Our partner leases the equipment with specified payment terms including all updates and maintenance.

3. Protection Plan

The principal cost is protected and secured with an insurance policy by Lloyd’s of London.

4. Receive Monthly Payments

Customer, as the lessee, receives a fixed monthly pay out per unit for 60 consecutive months, beginning 90 days after purchase

Embrace the Data Tech Revolution by Investing in the Future

Our customers deploy an early mover advantage in Big Data and choose a steady superior income over the volatility of the stock market.

Our partners include major players in the TECH revolution space that supply processing operations to Fortune 500 companies for numerous technology solutions and innovations. These include protein folding, Artificial Intelligence, game streaming, CGI rendering, Blockchain, data mining and more.

Our unique platform packages the equipment purchase, lease agreement and protection plan into a full-service agreement that provides passive income for our customers from a smart revenue generating asset that monetizes the needs of the Big Data Revolution. Monthly income, excellent returns and peace of mind from a protection plan that insures your principal.
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Program Features & Benefits

  • list-img Peace of Mind
  • list-img True Passive Income
  • list-img No Market Volatility
  • list-img Upgrades & Maintenance Included
  • list-img Get Paid Monthly
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Leading the Charge

As left tackle and anchor of the NY Giants offensive line, my greatest achievement was a team victory in Super Bowl XXI when I famously carried Hall of Fame Coach Bill Parcells on my shoulders off the field in celebration.

Brad Benson Auto Group took a fledgling car dealership and transformed it into the #1 of its kind in the world after my NFL career. Another team effort and victory in an aggressive and competitive environment.

Today, I am one of 10,000 Americans turning 5 everyday; aka “baby boomers”. I don’t worry about protecting my quarterback or selling cars anymore. Like most “boomers” I worry about outliving my retirement money. It’s the #1 fear of my generation.

I joined the WealthColony team because of a dynamic program with a strategy that has my money work smarter and last longer. Every generation can appreciate that. Especially with todays market volatility. Email brad@wealthcolony.com and request a brochure to learn more and see if this opportunity is right for you.

It's All About the Data: Big Data Statistics at a Glance

The 4th Industrial Revolution Has Only Just Begun.


BDA market expected growth cap by 2027


# of years it would take to download all the information currently on the internet.


# of Bytes Internet Users Daily Data Generation


By the end of 2020 the data we create annually is expected to reach 44 trillion GB.


of organizations investing >$50M in BDA and AI


Netflix Annual Savings Using Big Data for Retention

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